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Unlimited Dance Works 2011

OHHHHH!!! I was not updating it for a long time.
I’m so terribly sorry.
Sorry to have kept you waiting!!

I drew the poster of a party held in Canada~~~!!!
“Unlimited Dance Works 2011” is a dance party of the costume play possibility.
Please enjoy it!!ヽ(´ー`)ノ

more infomation:

This is the first time that I carried out an activity global realistically.
yes, OHR is Online party ^o^

and, I use facebook recently.
my ID=100001277954366 or “Arusu Outo”
Let’s keep in touch :)

One more,I drew this Art for OHR2011 in real time streaming.
Though it is the other day, thank you a lot if you looked!!


撲殺少女工房 – Bleep Shoujo kH’z

Bleep Shoujo kH'z

Artist : 撲殺少女工房
Title : Bleep Shoujo kH’z
Cat : MSTCD005
Price : 1,300円(税抜)

01.Beijing Panic Boy
02.Finnish Bullet Train
04.Beach Summer Kisser
05.Enter Your Code
06.Bit Shift Killer
07.Her Lovely Front Tooth
08.Lost LV
09.Don’t Touch That GB
11.Boys’n’Shoujos Kingdom
12.Girl Loves Girl
13.BSKのスキャットマン (BSK’s Scatman)
14.Melodyn King
15.Your Tube

I drew a jacket art ;)
Release date is February 11 on GUHROOVY!

*This is English version of our site! XD


Hello, people :) And A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!

Recently, our site have a many accesses of foreign people.
So, we make web page English version!

We are going to show informations about our activity.
Coming soon! ;)